I have been using Jasper to create content since late 2022 and I tested Sudowrite early this year. I am going to share with you my experiences with Jasper and Sudowrite.

These days, every marketer is tapping into the power of AI writing tools because it helps us create content faster, quality outputs, save hours of time, etc.

You have likely seen the potential of AI writing tools, that is why you're checking Jasper vs Sudowrite.

I put Jasper and Sudowrite side by side, I make use of them to write content and test the entire system features, pricing structure, and everything about both AI software.

And here's what I believe to be true about them.

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Let’s begin.

What is Jasper?

Jasper home page
Jasper vs SudoWrite – Jasper Home Page

Jasper is an advanced AI writing software that is designed to help content creators, bloggers, and digital marketers create content faster and more efficiently.

Jasper offers quality writing features that you will hardly get in any AI writing software and that is why it's the most respected.

The AI software, Jasper is used by most of the popular companies we have around to craft all of their marketing copy for their campaigns.

Including LinkedIn, Google, Airbnb, and the like.

The reason it's widely accepted is simple, it solves all content creation issues and helps marketers experience more significant growth in the shortest time possible.

Also, Jasper is able to track the performance of your content, which is why many marketers choose to monitor their content.

Jasper recently introduces a feature known as Jasper Boss Mode.

The Boss Mode allows you to have control over the AI. Here, you can train the AI to write the way you want exactly.

By doing so, you can maintain the voice you already build in the industry.

The truth is, wherever you fall into content creation needs, Jasper will always serve your writing purpose.

Jasper Features

Let’s go through Jasper's features.

  • Multiple Documents: As a result of this feature, you will have the ability to work on more than one project simultaneously and you will be able to save them to different folders for easy access.
  • Blog Content (Longform): Writing a blog post isn’t easy and it’s indeed time-consuming, here is an easy way to cut down long hours of writing. Here, you can easily generate a long-form blog post in minutes.
  • Compete: As it sounds, you'll be able to compete with other content on Google search engine result pages and you will be able to integrate with Surfer SEO which is one of the best AI tools in the market today.
  • Boss Mode: You can have control over your own AI tool by using the Jasper boss mode. If you select the Jasper Boss mode, the AI will write specific topics for you based on the topics you specify. It is possible, as an example, to control the AI to write about the “Keto Diet” in the same manner as you do.
  • Many Templates: Jasper comes with over 50 templates to fast-track your work process on the platform. Jasper comes with all of your favorite marketing templates giving it an edge over its competitors. If you like working with templates, then Jasper would be a great choice for you.

What is Sudowrite?

Sudowrite vs Jasper – Sudowrite Home Page

Sudowrite is a new AI writing software in the market that is designed to help writers tackle writer's block.

With Sudowrite, you get a page of words in less time than it takes to make your coffee. That's how pretty fast it's!

However, you must keep in mind that Sudowrite is a new AI writing software in the market.

As a result, we may not be able to gauge how effective the AI software is. In addition, it lacks enough reviews online at this time.

Although, that doesn't mean it's not good because I have had a test of it myself.

Sudowrite AI is actually a great AI writing tool in its own world.

Sudowrite Features

Here, we will be going through the features of Localio so that you can see what to expect exactly.

Because Localio is in its launch stage, here's how we are going to list its features pending the time we got an insider look.

  • High Converting Content: Write High Converting Content using 100 plus copywriting templates (works in 30+ Languages).
  • Powerful A.I. Engine: A powerful A.I. Engine that generates conversion-focused content in any niche or business!
  • Enhance Content Creation: Enhance the Content Creation for yourself and for your clients and let the AI assistant write copy for you.
  • Time-Saving Solution: No More time and money wasted on daily copywriting tasks, let Localio do the hard job for you.
  • Works in Different Languages: Sudowrite works in different languages of the world, thus helping you market to different regions.

Jasper vs Sudowrite: Comparison

Here is a comparison table of Jasper and Sudowrite that can help you make a quick decision right away.

FeaturesJasper AISudowrite AI
AI PlatformGPT-3 + Jasper CommandGPT-3
User ExperienceSimple & FriendlySimple
SEOYes + Surfer SEOYes
Long-form contentYes (3k words)Yes (1k words)
Third-party IntegrationYes – Surfer SEONo
Chrome ExtensionYesNo
Chat BotYesNo
Free TrialYes – 7-DayYes
PricingFrom $29/MonthFrom &19/Month
Jasper vs Sudowrite

Now, it is time to talk about all of these features in detail in order to help you make an informed decision.

#1: AI Software (GPT-3)

Nearly all AI writing software uses GTP-3 and that is why they're able to write human-like articles.

Jasper and SudoWrite use the same also.

Jasper also incorporates with its own AI known as Jasper command. It is one of the reasons why Jasper stands out in the industry today.

Sudowrite, on the other hand, only uses GTP-3 technology which is still quite good since that is what most AI writing tool uses.

#2: Longform Copy

Whether it's writing blog posts, press releases, or stories, Jasper excels at writing long-form copy, such as blog posts, press releases, or stories.

It is, for this reason, Jasper is such a popular tool among bloggers and content creators across the globe.

This is a good thing because the Jasper team is always working to improve and refine the AI tool, so it remains one of the most prominent on the market.

Meanwhile, Sudowrite is a good tool for writing stories and not too good for marketers.

#3: SEO Integration

In order to ensure that your content stands out on search engines, Jasper works with SEO companies that specialize in this field.

Sudowrite has built-in SEO tools, according to the official website of the company, and Jasper uses Surfer SEO, one of the most prominent SEO tools on the market today.

Our opinion, however, is that Jasper is the more authentic solution here when it comes to search engine optimization because it has been proven time and time again.

Similarly, we also use Jasper on our blog, theolaoye.com.

#4: Plagiarism Tool

Articles written by Jasper and Sudowrite pass all plagiarism checks.

There has been a 95% to 100% uniqueness in every article that has been written by both of these AI software models.

I can say that because I have personally used them.

It is possible to use the Jasper plagiarism check feature in order to check in order to verify whether the article is really original or not.

However, due to the fact that Sudeowrite does not yet have this feature of checking plagiarism, you currently cannot do that.

Accounting to the fact that it's new in the market and the team is working to always refine the tool.

#5: Rewrites Tool

Using Jasper, you will be able to rewrite a complete blog post or a few paragraphs with the help of an article rewriting tool.

If you are a blogger who has niche sites and you're currently working on the same topic. Then this will definitely help!

As a bonus to you, Jasper's article rewrites are all original, which means that you will be able to rely on any article it rewrites for you.

Your content will rank on search engines once the rewritten articles are integrated with SEO elements, meaning that your content will rank higher if it is rewritten.

Sudowrite does not currently allow you to rewrite any articles that you have already published.

#6: Templates

Jasper has different and major marketing templates that you will need to survive with your marketing campaign online.

Jasper templates include Google ads, Facebook ads, blog posts, Quora questions and answers, etc.

If you're the type that loves working with templates, then this would work just fine for you.

Sudowrite on the other hand also has templates but might not really serve your purposes as a marketer.

The reason is simple, Sudowrite is designed for stories and novels.

#7: Writes in Different Languages

You can produce content in different languages with Jasper and Sudowrite.

You can work in up to 30 different languages for each.

The different languages feature gives you more opportunity to market your product to a more specific region.

If you market to more specific regions that aren't English language-speaking countries, that means you can make more money on your little efforts.

#8: Facebook Communities

Once you become a member of Jasper, you can become a member of her official Facebook community.

The Jasper Community is an opportunity for users to come together and share their experiences with other Jasper users.

The money that you are paying into the system can bring you so much more value in return than the money that you are paying in.

Sudowrite doesn't have a Facebook community as of the time of writing this content.

#9: Google Chrome Extension

You can use Jasper with all your major writing software by installing its Google Chrome extension.

Among which are Google Docs and WordPress, to name a few.

By using the Google Chrome extension, it is possible for you to work on your Jasper dashboard directly from within the Chrome extension itself.

In the current state of affairs, Sudowrite does not have an extension for Google Chrome.

#10: Tutorials

When signing up for AI writing assistant software, it's important to check the availability of tutorials available to them.

This is because when you just sign up on a platform, you will always be a beginner.

So, it is going to take you a few days in order to master how to better use the platform.

If you have access to enough tutorials, you can find your way around it in a day or two.

Jasper understands this, and that is why it has so many tutorials, both videos, and articles.

Sudowrite doesn't have enough tutorials as of the time of writing this which may be a big drawback.

#11: Free Trial

Jasper has a free trial that you can use to test out the entire system for completely FREE.

In fact, when you click here now, you will have access to a free writing credit, 10k words credit.

You can use the credit to test through the entire system before later making a decision if it is worth using or not.

Sudowrite also has a free trial that doesn't require you to input your credit card details before you can use it.

Jasper vs Sudowrite: Which One Should I Use?

If you are a beginner who is just starting out and need an AI tool that can do all your major content writing for you.

Then I recommend you go for Jasper.ai.

Jasper has a beginner-friendly user interface, beginner's friendly pricing, customer support, communities, etc.

You can easily find your way around Jasper in days even though you haven't used AI writing software before.

If you would like to test out Jasper for free, then click here to claim free 10K writing words.

For Sudowrite, if you just need an AI writing tool to perform all your major writing needs.

Then, you might need to consider using Localio since it's just a one-time payment.

Once you have access to it, you will continue to use it for life, though it does have limited features.

If you noticed on our comparison table, Jasper outsmarts Sudoewrite and that is an obvious truth we all can see.

Jasper vs Localio: Pricing

Here, we will be going through Jasper vs Sudowrite pricing plans.

We will also discuss the benefits of each in brief.

Jasper Pricing

jasper pricing
Jasper vs Sudowrite – Pricing 1

Jasper.ai pricing comes in 3 different categories just as displayed in the image above.

That being said, let's look into it!

  • Starter: The starter mode begins at 29$ a month and can go higher depending on the writing words that you want.

With this plan, you have access to;

  • 20k to 320k words per month
  • Writes in over 25 languages
  • You and your team can use it (Up to 5)
  • Access to commands features
  • Over 50 templates for beginners and pros.
  • Access to client chat assistant.
  • Boss Mode: Here's the most powerful mode on Jasper, it begins at $59 per month. It comes with everything in the first plan and access to more unique features.

If you are a startup or a business owner, then this plan is recommended.

  • Custom Plan: You need to contact sales in order to get the quotes. The amount that you pay will depend on the writing credits that you need.

But here, you have access to unlimited on everything the AI software is offering.

Sudowrite Pricing

Jasper vs Sudowrite - Sudowrite Pricing
Jasper vs Sudowrite – Pricing-2

The first you need to know is that all Sudowrite plans come with a free trial which I consider greater enough.

Sudowrite has 3 pricing plans which are;

  • Hobby & Student

The hobby and student price is the first pricing plan. This plan cost $19 per month and you have access to 30k writing credits.

If you have a blog about hobbies or you're a student who deals with lots of writing projects, then this is for you.

  • Professional

This plan cost $29 per month. It is designed for professionals who deal with long projects.

You have access to 90k writing words every month.

  • Max

The max plan cost $129 per month and you have access to 300k writing words.

If you looking to strictly work with AI, then this plan is suitable for you.

Jasper vs Sudowrite: Final Thought

Considering all factors, Jasper is by far better than Sudowrite because Jasper has more unique features and writes better and faster than Sudowrite.

And that's the exact reason why it's chosen by many big companies and marketers around the globe.

In addition, Jasper has been around for a long now, it has more customer reviews, enough users, enough tutorials, communities, and the like.

However, Sudowrite is a new AI tool in the market and it's not known or dominated online as Jasper.

Limited reach to customer support, limited tutorial to master how the AI tool work, no active community, etc.

Sudowrite has so many drawbacks when writing this content which is why we're not recommending it to our blog users.

In addition, Sudowrite is only good for novels and stories.

Although, Jasper is costlier than Sudowrite the truth is, it does worth it!

If you want to understand what I am talking about, I am giving you 10,000 free writing credits on Jasper to test how the AI tool works.

Go claim it here now and give your feedback in the comment section after using it.

That is all for Jasper vs Sudowrite!

Which one are you going to use, Jasper.ai or Sudowrite?

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