I have been using WriteSonic and Copymatic since the year begin and I have had some amazing copies crafted with them.

Both short-form copies and long-form copies, including some of the content on my blog theolaoye.com.

This is to tell you that I know which is best for your writing business since I will be sharing my personal experience with you.

In today's post, “WriteSonic vs Copymatic” I will share everything I have learned about WriteSoni and Copymatic.

We will go over:

  • Both AI software overview]
  • Features
  • Similarities
  • Pricing, etc.

If this is what you would like to learn, then you need to keep on reading this.

SUMMARY: WriteSonic is the winner in this comparison. It has unique features and writes better than Copymatic AI. I personally uses WriteSonic to produce content X10 faster. Try WriteSonic for FREE.

Let's jump right in!

WriteSonic Overview

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WriteSonic is an advanced AI content creation tool that is designed to help content marketers, bloggers, and writers write better and faster.

With WriteSonic, you can create content more efficiently for your writing business – without sacrificing quality.

The platform uses natural language processing to generate content that is both engaging and accurate. Plus, you don’t need any coding experience to use it.

WriteSonic has free tools for anyone who is looking to begin their journey with AI writing tools for completely free.

You will be able to generate content, images, call to action, etc – all for free.

One of the critical features of this amazing tool is that its user interface is beginners friendly and anybody can use it.

Key Features

  • AI Article & Blog Writer
  • Sentence Expander
  • Article Summarizer
  • Article Rewriter
  • Free Contents Generators
  • Free Products Name Generator
  • Keyword Extractor
  • Analogy Maker
  • AIDA Framework
  • Pain-Agitate-Solutions

Copymatic.ai Overview

WriteSonic vs Copymatic – Home Page

Copymatic.ai is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators create content quickly and efficiently.

You can easily turn a short description into a 1,000+ blog article within a couple of minutes.

With Copymatic, you can generate any article elements such as titles, intros, outlines, content, or conclusions.

Easily write unlimited SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for your blogs.

The newly released Copymatic Google Chrome browser extension allows you to work across your favorite writing apps.

Copymatic is one of the perfect AI tools for anyone looking to write content quickly and faster.

Key Features

  • 50+ Available Tools
  • Grammar Check
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Sentence rewriter
  • Google Ads Headlines
  • SEO Meta Tags
  • Content Rewriter
  • General-purpose Writing

WriteSonic vs Copymatic Comparison Table

FeaturesWriteSonic AICopymatic AI
AI PlatformGTP-3 + ChatSeonicGTP-3
User ExperienceSimple & FriendlyNot too straightforward
SEOYes + Surfer SEOYes
Long-form contentYes (3k Words)Yes (1k Words)
Short CopyYesYes
Third-party IntegrationYes – Surfer SEONo
WordPress PluginYesYes
Chrome ExtensionNoYes
Chat BotYesNo
Reviews2,932 (Trustpilot)1 (Trustpilot)
Free TrialYesYes
PricingFrom $19 per monthFrom $19 per month
WriteSonic vs Copymatic

1. AI Software (GPT-3)

Nearly all AI writing tool uses GTP-3 and both AI software uses GTP-3 to create original and human-like content.

GTP-3 is an OpenAI software that was discovered in San Fransico, USA.

It is a model that uses artificial intelligence for generating text, we initially saw the GTP-2 before the GTP-33.

We can always expect this model to get better as techs become more advanced.

However, WriteSonic takes the lead by going further to integrate with Chatsonic in order to make sure that all the contents generated are unique.

Winner: WriteSonic AI takes the lead because it also integrated with its own commands known as Chatsonic.

2. Longform Assistant

WriteSonic is pretty much good when it comes to writing long-form copies while Rytr narrows down more on short-form copies.

WriteSonic can produce up to 3000 words at a go with its new feature “Article Writer 4.0”.

WriteSonic output
WriteSonic vs Rytr

It gets interesting when you know that you can train the AI to write in your unique style and it will do as instructed.

By doing so, you can maintain the unique voice you already built in the industry.

WriteSonic AI doesn't just generate content but it writes it in a way that stands out on search engine result pages.

This is possible because it writes content that search engines will love and humans will like to read by satisfying search intents.

It works like this Get ideas – get an intro – get an outline – get an article.

WriteSonic article writer.
WriteSonic vs Rytr

Rytr is also pretty good at creating blogs but in the long-form aspect like 3,000 words that WriteSonic article writer 4.0 will do.

Winner: WriteSonic takes the lead because it's pretty good in writing long-form copies that ranks on search engines.

3. SEO Optimized

WriteSonic and Rytr write content with the intention of making it rank on search engines.

WriteSonic also takes it a step further by integrating with one of the most valuable SEO tools, Surfer SEO.

The tool allows you to see how your content is going to perform even before publishing.

It analyzes your headings, words to include, the ones not to include and so many others.

If you're online and practice SEO, the chances you have not heard about Surfer SEO are actually small.

Once Surfer SEO has been integrated with WriteSonic, you can be sure that your content will stand the test of time.

Apart from this, WriteSonic and Rytr do write according to the keyword you provided while filling the text into the AI.

You can also use both AI to perform keyword research making it a no-brainer.

Winner: WriteSonic takes the leads because it integrates with one of the most valuable SEO tools in the market, Surfer SEO.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Rytr.me has a premium built-in plagiarism checker that you can use to filter your content if it is plagiarism free or not.

The best part is that the plagiarism checker is available on all its plans, including the free plan.

Although, this isn't really necessary because both AI software writes plagiarism-free content based on my experience.

However, if you need to confirm if your copy is plagiarism free or not, you can use Rytr to check.

WriteSonic also has a plagiarism checker but integrates with a third party.

Winner: Rytr.me takes the lead here because it has a strong in-built plagiarism checker than WriteSonic. But both AI writes plagiarism-free content.

#5. Paraphrasing Tool

WriteSonic has a built-in paraphrasing tool that can help you rewrites content more than the original one.

I have been using the WriteSonic paragraphing tool and the results am getting are wide.

If you are a blogger who runs multiple blogs or you writing content clusters with the same content or nearly the same.

Then, this tool is for you. You only need to paste your content, select tone and variants, then watch the AI tool doing the magic.

WriteSonic rephare feature
WriteSonic vs Rytr

Rytr doesn't have a paragraphing tool, I actually used the app and search everything but couldn't find this feature.

Winner: WriteSonic takes the lead here because it rewrites content in a premium form.

#6. Content Templates

WriteSonic and Rytr has so many copywriting marketing templates.

No matter the kind of templates you are imagining, both AI have it and that is one of the reasons why most marketers choose either.

WriteSonic has more content templates than Rytr but Rytr has the major templates you will need to succeed with your writing business.

However, WriteSonic provides constant updates to its templates than Rytr. The constant updates make it unique.

WriteSonic updates
WriteSonic vs Rytr

If you take a closer look at the image above, you will notice that all boxes are tags new which means they're newly added.

In addition, WriteSonic templates are easy to use and beginners friendly.

Winner: Both AI software has all the major content templates that you will need to succeed with your writing business.

#7. Multilingual Copies

Not all AI writing software has this but WriteSonic and Rytr have it in-store.

Multilingual copy is the ability of an AI to write content in different languages.

If you can write content in different languages, it means you can target more and more regions.

Targeting more regions means more exposure to your business and more revenue to your business.

You can write in over 25 languages using WriteSonic or Rytr.

One thing you should keep in mind is that both AI tool has the major languages you need to succeed with your marketing effort.

Winner: Both AI software has the major languages you need to succeed with your writing business.

#8. WordPress Plugin

WriteSonic has a WordPress plugin that can help you work directly within your WordPress dashboard.

Rytr doesn’t have a WordPress plugin yet as of the time of writing this content.

And you will agree with me when I say that Rytr not having a WordPress plugin is actually a big disadvantage to the AI software.

Because many of us writers and bloggers uses WordPress because of its simplicity.

If you are reading “WriteSonic vs Rytr” because you need a WordPress plugin.

Then, look no further, WriteSonic is the best option for you here.

Winner: WriteSonic takes the lead because it has a WordPress plugin which allows you to work directly from your WordPress editor.

#9. Free Tools

WriteSonic has free tools that you can use completely free when you become a user.

These tools are actually worth hundreds of dollars but you're getting them for free.

The first is ChatSonic, an AI chat assistant that you can chat with and request specific actions and it will do exactly as you said.

You have free 25 daily generations that the AI can generate for you.

This means that, if you ask the AI “Write blog post introduction about WriteSonic vs Rytr” and it supplies the answer, you have used 1 generation.

You can repeat the same process to generate more.

Others Tools include:

  • Photosonic: Here, you can generate high-quality images for your blog posts or other marketing copies.
  • Product Name Generator: Here, you can come up with a catchy and memorable product name for free.
  • Call to Action: Here, you can generate a call to action up to 10 times per day for completely free.

These free tools alone outsmart Rytr.

Winner: WriteSonic takes the lead since it has lots of freebies.

10. Free Trial

WriteSonic has a free trial and even a free account limited to 25000 words.

Rytr on the other hand has a free account that allows you to generate up to 10k use cases every month.

The free account of Rytr allows you access to most of the AI features while WriteSonic allows you to all but with limited words.

WriteSonic also offers one-time writing words on its free account which isn't so on Rytr.

Winner: Rytr takes the lead as you have access to 10,000 use cases every month.

Now, it's time to check the quality writing outputs of “WriteSonic vs Copymatic”

===> Start writing on WriteSonic for FREE.

WriteSonic vs Copymatic – Example

To make this content “WriteSonic vs Copymatic” more transparent. I asked both to perform the same writing function and here's the result.

I instructed both AI to write short paragraphs on Social. For WriteSonic, I made use of Chatsonic and I made use of a paragraph generator for Copymatic.

I pasted into Chatsonic that “Write 3 Paragraphs on Social Media”

WriteSonic Outputs

  • Paragraph 1: Social media is an ever-evolving platform for connecting with people from all over the world. It is a powerful tool for businesses to promote their products and services, engage with their customers, and build brand awareness. Due to its global reach and ease of use, social media has become an essential element of modern marketing.
  • Paragraph 2: When used effectively, social media can be a powerful tool to reach potential customers and build relationships with them. Companies can use social media to create content that is relevant to their target audience, as well as share information about their products and services. This can help to engage customers and build trust, leading to more sales. Additionally, social media can be used to encourage customers to interact with a brand and share their experiences with others.
  • Paragraph 3: Social media can also be used to build relationships with influencers and other industry professionals. Companies can use social media to reach out to potential partners, collaborate on projects, and build relationships with individuals who may be able to help promote their products and services. Moreover, social media can be used to keep customers informed about new developments, upcoming events, and special offers. By leveraging social media, companies can create a loyal customer base that is more likely to share their content and spread the word about their brand.

My Opinion:

The outputs are great and it's what a pro freelancer writer would charge a hundred bucks to work on.

It explains it in a simple terms which anyone can easily understands which I consider excellent and it passes all plagiarism checks. Rating – 9.5/10.

WriteSonic vs Copyamtic – WriteSonic Output

Copymatic OutPuts

I pasted the same thing into “Copymatic Paragraph Generator” feature and it brought the answers below;

  • 1. Social media has become an increasingly popular way for people to connect with friends and family, share news and experiences, and stay up-to-date on current events. While social media can have many positive effects, it's important to be aware of the potential downsides as well.
  • 2. One of the biggest concerns with social media is the amount of time it can take up. It's easy to get sucked into scrolling through your feed or checking for notifications, and before you know it, hours have gone by. This can lead to feelings of anxiety or depression, especially if you compare your life to others' seemingly perfect online personas.
  • 3. Another issue with social media is that it can be a breeding ground for cyberbullying and other negative behaviors. People can say things online that they would never say in person, which can lead to hurt feelings or even serious psychological damage. It's important to be aware of these dangers and take steps to avoid them, such as not adding strangers to your friends list or being careful about what you post online.
  • In conclusion, social media can be a great way to stay connected with loved ones and learn about what's going on in the world. However, it's important to be aware of the potential drawbacks and take steps to protect yourself from them.

My Opinion

The answers are actually great but it's not bad outputs, it talks about the good and bad side of social media. In addition, it passes all plagiarism checks. Rating – 8.5/10.

WriteSonic vs Copyamtic – Copymatic Output

WriteSonic vs Copymatic – Pricing

Here's the breakdown of how both AI tools compared in terms of pricing.

WriteSonic Pricing

Copymatic vs WriteSonic - writesonic ai pricing
WriteSonic vs Copymatic – Pricing-1

WriteSonic offers a 3 pricing plans;

  • Free Trial

This plan gives you access to all WriteSonic features for free. The only downside here is that you only have access to 2,500 writing words when you write in a premium tone.

Writing words is more when you write in an economical tone and the like.

You can get started with this plan without a credit card.

Test WriteSonic for free without a credit card.

  • Starter Plan

The starter plan is the only plan that is termed with a price on the official pricing page.

This plan begins at $19 per month and has other various prices under it. You can find the breakdown below;

  • $19 per month for 19k words – 1 user
  • $49 per month for 75k words – 5 users
  • $99 per month for 160k words – 5 users
  • $199 per month for 350k words – 5 users
  • $499 per month for 900k words – 10 users
  • $999 per month for 2 million words – 10 users

Let's check the last pricing plan.

  • Custom Plan

This plan is designed for businesses, enterprises, and agencies that produce lots of content every month.

Here, you have access to more content flexibility and it comes with lots of benefits.

Unlimited users, unlimited writing words, premium customer support, etc.

I suggest you try WriteSonic for free so that you know what to expect as you begin your journey with them.

Copymatic.ai Pricing

WriteSonic vs Copymatic - Copymatic pricing
WriteSonic vs Copymatic

Copymatic has 2 free pricing plans that you that is pocket friendly for beginners and pros.

  • Pro Plan

The pro plan is the main pricing plan of Copymatic.ai. This plan comes with everything the AI writing software has to offer.

The plan begins at $19 per month with 50k writing words.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this plan will always suites your content creation needs.

  • Custom Plan

This plan is designed for agencies and enterprises that produce content like a commodity.

This plan is suitable for you if you run an agency business that deals with writing.

Here, you have access to more of everything.

You will need to contact sales to get a quote. Pricing depends on what you want.

WriteSonic vs Copymatic Pros and Cons

We will take a look at the pros and cons of both AI software in order to make sure this content is worth referring to as “WriteSonic vs Copymatic”.

WriteSonic Pros

  • Access to all WriteSonic features on its free trial without a credit card.
  • Content Creation: Blog posts, email copies, social tweets, long-form, short-form copies, paragraphs generator, etc.
  • Beginners' friendly user interface.
  • Generate 25 free content daily using Chatsonic.
  • Support long-form features on all its plans.
  • Perform keyword research and write the content on WriteSonic.
  • So many content templates for beginners and pros.
  • Generate high-quality images for your marketing copies using Photosonic.
  • Access to free tools such as Photosonic, Chatsonic, Product description generator, call to action generator, etc.
  • Better quality content than manual writing
  • SEO-driven content with the help of AI, etc.

WriteSonic Cons

  • The free trial does not include enough credits to test the software’s features thoroughly. it comes with 2500 words.
  • Copy may not be 100% accurate since AI aren't human.
  • Getting more writing credits might be expensive for some users.

Copymatic.ai Pros

  • Lots of copywriting tools.
  • A WordPress plugin that allows you to work directly from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Creation of content: short forms, long-form copies, cold emails, and many more.
  • Google chrome extension that will follow you wherever you're working on the web.
  • Quality outputs.
  • Free 1,500 writing credits when you sign up here.

Copymatic.ai Cons

  • Often system bugs and glitches
  • Customer support is poor
  • The user is not too straightforward for me.

WriteSonic vs. Copymatic – Final Thoughts

Which is Better – Copymatic vs WriteSonic?

WriteSonic and Copymatic are both great AI writing tools that will serve your writing business greatly but WriteSonic stands tall in terms of quality features.

WriteSonic outputs are similar to what you will give to a pro copywriter to work on for you. I am able to say this because I'm a user of WriteSonic.

WriteSonic offers beginners friendly user interface than Copymatic.ai.

Plus WriteSonic writes excellent copies like one of its competitors Jasper.ai.

WriteSonic positive reviews on Trustpilot, the user base, and the likes cannot also be underestimated.

I found little to no customer reviews about Copymatic.ai which we considered too small to gauge how effective the tool is in the eyes of others.

These and more make me choose WriteSonic as a better option than Copymatic.ai.

Test WriteSonic for completely FREE

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