Are you looking for the best ContentBot alternatives for your content writing needs so that you can write X5 faster? If so, then you have come to the right place.

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I have personally spent tons of hours in front of the screen researching ContentBot alternatives and its competitors and I have selected the best among them for you.

Quick One: is the #1 alternative to ContentBot and we have Writesonic and Anyword being closed to it. Claimed 10K Free Writing words with Jasper here now.

In late March 04, 2021, ContentBot hit the copywriting industry with unique and powerful features.

The AI tool is supposed to be the number #2 if not #1 AI writing software in the market right now but it has fallen to 5 because they lack a good marketing team and constant updates.

I have personally used to write blog posts, rewrite content, explore topics, and used its human-enhanced article feature.

ContentBot is indeed a great tool, but just like any other AI writing software, it does have its own flaws which is why you're looking for ContentBot alternatives.

Let's jump right in.

7 Best ContentBot Alternatives for Faster Writing [Free & Paid]

Here are the best ContentBot alternatives that you should choose from;

AlternativesCopywriting TemplatesFree Plan/TrialPricing
Jasper AI50+10K free wordsBegin at $29/mo
WriteSonic80+25K free wordsBegin at $19/mo
Anyword55+5K free wordsBegin at $29/mo
Rytr40+10K charactersBegin at $9/mo
ClosersCopy30+14-day free trial$49.99/mo
Shortly AI10+No$79/mo
Copysmith AI10+7-day free trial$19/mo

1. Jasper.AI

ContentBot alternatives - Jasper homepage
ContentBot Alternatives – 1

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence-powered writing software designed to help authors and content creators write faster, better, and more effectively.

It uses a variety of algorithms to automatically detect errors in grammar, punctuation, and syntax and provides helpful suggestions for further improvement.

It also provides writers with a range of features, such as automatic formatting, topic suggestions, and research assistance.

Jasper AI is an invaluable tool for authors and content creators looking to create high-quality, polished pieces with ease and speed.

Writers can use the software to craft high-quality content quickly and efficiently, resulting in improved productivity, creativity, and quality of work.

Most of the big brands we have around use Jasper to write all of their marketing copies including Google.

Jasper's recent update is even more interesting – the update known as Jasperbot makes it possible for you to instruct the AI writing assistant to produce content on a particular work.

It will work exactly the way you have instructed the bot to do.

The Boss Mode is even more amazing where you get to train the AI and let it write exactly the way you want.

With Jasper, what you can do when it comes to content writing is actually limitless.

Why Jasper is an Excellent Alternative to ContentBot

We personally use Jasper at to create content and the results we have gotten has been massive.

It provides the exact results we want it to produce and it doesn't run through system glitches like ContentBot.

Other benefits of Jasper Include:

  • The 26+ language support is brilliant.
  • The boss mode helps you create high-quality, original content.
  • The jasper command allows you to tell jasper exactly what to write.
  • 50+ templates help you save time.
  • You can collaborate with your team.
  • The chrome extension is very handy.
  • The in-built plagiarism checker ensures you publish quality content.
  • The jasper recipe feature is a lifesaver.
  • The one-shot blog feature saves you a lot of time.
  • The built-in Grammarly tool checks your grammar and spelling.
  • The jasper ai art generator creates beautiful, copyright-free images.
  • The surfer SEO integration makes writing blogs a breeze.

Jasper AI Pricing

Jasper AI pricing
ContentBot Alternatives

Jasper AI gives you a choice of two pricing plans to choose from in addition to the fact that every new user is given a free 10k copy credit and a free 5-day trial.

  • $29/Month (no long-form post)
  • $59/Month (long-form blog)

With the Starter plan, you will have access to 50 copy templates, and you will be able to generate a maximum of 25,000 words per month, along with generating short-form copy (like bios, headlines, and descriptions).

Adding the Boss Mode plan to your existing Stater plan gives you access to Jasper's special commands, workflows, editor, and the ability to add new limits

You will be able to accelerate your content pipeline in the Boss Mode in order to achieve higher quality outputs with better context, and you will also be able to write 5X faster and fine-tune Jasper the way you want.

2. WriteSonic

ContentBot alternative - Writesonic homeppage
ContentBot Alternatives – 2

WriteSonic is a powerful AI-powered content creation platform that can help you to improve the quality of your content and save time.

With WriteSonic, you can create content quickly and easily – without sacrificing quality.

The platform uses natural language processing to generate content that is both engaging and accurate. Plus, you don't need any coding experience to use it.

The platform user interface is beginners friendly even though your 10-year-old boy can use it. Take a look yourself!

WriteSonic Dashboard

WriteSonic also offers an array of features to help you optimize your content, including keyword research, SEO optimization, and content recommendations.

And with its intuitive dashboard, you can get up and running in no time.

So if you're looking for a ContentBot alternative that can help you create high-quality content quickly and easily, you should definitely give WriteSonic a try!

I am personally a user of WriteSonic, everything you have been reading above about WriteSoniic was created by the WriteSonic Paragraphs feature.

WriteSonic writing output

If you aren't okay with the output, you can also click regenerate and the AI is going to generate new and unique content for you.

Do you know the best part? WriteSonic always updates its platform and adds new features that marketers need to stand out in the digital world of today.

Here are the new updates on the platforms.

WriteSonic updates

If you take a closer look at the image above, you will notice that each box has a tag “New” which means they're newly added.

I personally use it for my content writing business and I'll recommend it for beginners and pros.

You can test WriteSonic out for totally free, with no credit card required.

Why WriteSonic as ContentBot alternative?

WriteSonic provides constant updates to its platform, great customer support, and an excellent user interface.

I personally use WriteSonic to write content in my preferred tone and the way I want it which ContentBot doesn't have, and that is not all!

Below are other excellent features of using WriteSonic to ContentBot:

  • WriteSonic has a free forever plan which makes it accessible to everyone. You get a free 2500 writing words if you're writing in a premium tone and 12000 words on average.
  • You can sign up with WriteSonic for free without pulling out your credit card.
  • You have access to the WriteSonic editor which is much like a like Google docs editor.
  • You get to save your work in files and folders, thus making you more organized.
  • Write Sonic is a content management system (CMS) that allows you to create and manage your website's content using a simple interface.
  • You can rewrite your copies using WriteSonic rephrase feature and what you get in return will be high-quality content.
  • Access to over 70 AI writing templates. This is specifically good for beginners who are just starting out.
  • You have access to a plagiarism checker to ensure that all your content is 100% original.
  • You have access to the WordPress plugin and Google Chrome extension which lets you write anywhere and improves your productivity.
  • Surfer SEO and SEMRush integration to make sure your content ranks on search engines.
  • WriteSonic article writer 4.0 lets you write a premium blog post of 3000 words in minutes.
  • Photosonic lets you generate AI images that you can insert within your blog post and outrank your competitors.

And if you are wondering about the kind of content you can generate with WriteSonic, here is a few of them;

  • Blog copy [Long form blog posts, short-form copies, blog intros, blog outlines, blog conclusions, article summaries, and many more].
  • eCommerce copies such as product titles and products description. You don't have to write them one by one again, Writesonic takes care of them now.
  • Easily craft your website copies such as landing page, SEO meta description, feature, benefits, etc.
  • Ads copy [Facebook ads, Google ads, Instagram ads, etc].
  • Social media copy [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter posts, etc].
  • Easily generate quora answers.

WriteSonic Pricing

Writesonic pricing

One of the benefits of Writesonic is the fact that you can get started without paying a dime.

And the best part is that the free trial allows you to test all of its features, yes, it's not limited.

Writesonic pricing plans are based on the number of users and the writing words you want to get per month.

Let's look into it;

  • $19 per month for 19k writing words – 1 user
  • $49 per month for 75k writing words – 5 users
  • $99 per month for 160k writing words – 5 users
  • $199 per month for 350k writing words – 5 users
  • $499 per month for 900k writing words – 10 users
  • $999 per month for 2 million writing words – 10 users
  • Custom plan – You need to contact sales, unlimited words, unlimited writing credits, etc.

I advise you to test WriteSonic for free before you become a paying member of the platform.

The free plan gives you access to premium writing of 2,000 words for free and only a single user can use it.

3. Anyword

anyword homepage
ContentBot Alternatives – 3

Anyword is another powerful ContentBot alternative.

In the current market, where marketing is becoming more and more reliant on data, Anyword is spearheading the charge with its new AI-based copywriting platform.

This platform can assess ads, social media posts, email subject lines, and landing pages to determine what works and modify it to address the target audience.

This means that Anyword can create content that enthralls the reader.

I recently came across Anyword when I was investigating and refreshing this list of ContentBot alternatives.

Although it is comparatively new in comparison to Jasper, Writesonic, and the rest on the list.

I was intrigued by the fact that I can also use it to generate longer texts.

Anyword currently supports more than thirty languages, allowing for the production of variations in different languages.

At the time of writing this, Anyword has obtained over 4000 positive ratings on Trust Pilot, G2, and Capterra.

anyword ratings

One of the great advantages of this AI writing software is the fact you can get a predicted performance of your content.

anyword content prediction

This feature lets you improve your content because you already get the outcome before you publish.

ContentBot doesn't even close in terms of this feature.

Benefits Anyword:

  • Anyword provides 55+ templates for different niches, and professional copywriters write each template
  • You can pick the exact type of person you’re writing for, so you’ll know exactly how to talk to them
  • Just like the other AI-powered copywriting tools, AnyWord allows you to generate long-form, SEO-optimized articles
  • The AnyWord Custom Mode lets you create your own unique writing style for the tool
  • You can try Anyword for free for 7 days and it includes 5,000 free copies
  • Any Word also provides an online Plagiarism Checker that checks your content for originality
  • Any Word currently supports 30 languages
  • Multiple user access

Anyword Pricing

Anyword pricing

Anyword has 2 simple and unique pricing plans;

  • $29 per month for 20,000 writing credits.
  • $99 per month for 30,000 writing credits.

You can begin each plan for free with no credit card required.

4. Rytr

rytr home page
ContentBot Alternatives – 4

Rytr is an AI-powered content creation platform that enables you to generate high-quality, engaging content quickly and easily.

With Rytr, you can create content for websites, blogs, social media, and more. It's also great for content curation and optimization.

Plus, Rytr is constantly being updated with new features and improvements to make sure you're always getting the best out of your content.

And, to top it all off, Rytr is incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is enter your desired keywords and let Rytr do the rest.

So if you're looking for an alternative to ContentBot, Rytr might be just what you need!

Rytr is the perfect choice for businesses and individuals who want to automate their content creation process without sacrificing quality.

With Rytr, you can easily create content that is engaging, accurate and optimized for search engine rankings.

You can also save time by automatically generating content from templates and other sources.

Benefits of Rytr

  • You can create your own customized use case to train the bot for your specific requirements – to make content creation more efficient
  • The bot allows you to write in 30 different languages
  • The bot also has a built-in plagiarism detector (powered by Copyscape)
  • There is a forever-free plan that gives you access to 10,000 characters a month without any obligation
  • You get access to an AI-powered image creator for free each month
  • With the extension, you can create copies of any content you find on the internet
  • You can set up as many different projects or documents as you want inside your account

Rytr Pricing

rytr pricing

Rytr comes in 3 different pricing plans. Rytr is actually a cool platform which is why it offers a free account.

  • $0 – Free Account: You upgrade when your business starts bringing revenue.
  • $9 per month when you pay annually and you also get 2 months free. You can pay $90 per year.
  • $29 per month: You have access to all the system features. You can pay $290 per year.

5. ClosersCopy

closerscopy homepage
ContentBot Alternatives – 5

ClosersCopy is one of the perfect alternative to ContentBot for those looking for an automated copywriting solution.

Unlike ContentBot, ClosersCopy offers unlimited copywriting projects and access to a library of over 7,000 templates.

ClosersCopy also offers an AI-powered editor which allows you to quickly and easily adjust and customize the generated copy. Additionally, ClosersCopy provides detailed analytics, allowing you to track the performance of your copy.

This can be incredibly helpful in understanding what works and what doesn’t.

ClosersCopy also includes features like a comprehensive keyword research tool, content optimization, and the ability to collaborate with other users.

With all these features and more, ClosersCopy is the perfect alternative to ContentBot for those looking to make their copywriting process easier and more efficient.

Why I love ClosersCopy

  • With the long-form content creation tool, you will be able to create content that is optimized for search engine ranking
  • The ClosersCopy is easy to use for a newbie
  • The CloserCopy comes with a drag-and-drop, user-friendly text editor which I found useful in writing my articles
  • The ClosrerCopy SEO audit feature enables you to analyze and write articles that rank on search engine results
  • Additional seats for your team member
  • The ClosrerCopy supports over 128 different languages
  • The thesaurus lookup helps you find synonymous concepts and related terms
  • The ClosrerCopy has a collection of over 18,000 advertising copies to motivate you

ClosersCopy Pricing

ClosersCopy pricing

ClosersCopy now has a lifetime deal which means you only pay once and enjoy the tool forever. The lifetime deal is a limited offer but you can get it here now that it's still available.

ContentBot has 3 pricing plans which are;

  • $49.99 Monthly
  • $79.99 Monthly
  • $99.99 Monthly

Note: We do not recommend them because it keeps you spending money on a monthly basis, just get the Lifetime deal and have access to the AI toll forever.

6. Shortly AI

shortly ai home page
ContentBot Alternatives – 6

Shortly AI is a powerful ContentBot alternative that can help content creators quickly create high-quality content.

With its AI-powered technology, it can help you save time and energy by automatically generating content that is tailored to your specific needs.

It can also help you stay on top of changes in the market by instantly giving you relevant, up-to-date information.

And best of all, its AI-driven platform can help you write content with the tone and style that best fits your brand and target audience.

So if you're looking for a fast and effective way to produce content, Shortly AI is the perfect solution.

With its AI-driven technology and easy-to-use interface, you can quickly create content that will grab your audience's attention and get you the results you want.

Few Benefits of Shortly AI ass ContentBot Alternatives

Shortly AI as ContentBot alternative with insane capabilities and a lot more sophisticated than many of the AI writers you'll find in the copywriting industry today.

It's worth dying for just to be able to edit long-form content in the editor!

There is no doubt that writer's block can be overcome by using a tool powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (openAI's GPT-3 – which is the world's biggest neural network-based language model).

Shortly, AI can be controlled easier, be more concise in its delivery, and can also be used more quickly.

It is great to be able to completely rely on Shortly AI in terms of content output since you do not need to worry about it.

The paper is almost entirely original, it passed all plagiarism checkers that we used, and it requires very little revision at all.

There will be a wide range of content types supported by AI in the near future.

Update: Shortly AI has been acquired by also known as Jasper. You can make begin your journey for FREE with here instead of Shortly AI.

Because it was acquired by the #1 AI writing tool alone in the market makes it is worth the ContentBot alternative.

Shortly AI Pricing

Shortly ai pricing

Shortly AI comes in 2 different pricing plans which are;

  • $65 / Monthly
  • $79 / Annually

We recommend going for Shortly AI annually if you want to save a lot of money and enjoy it as a ContentBot alternative.

7. Copysmith AI

copysmith as ContentBot alternative
ContentBot Alternatives – 7

Copysmith AI as an alternative to ContentBot, offering the same great features but with an improved user experience.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to help you create high-quality content quickly and easily.

With Copysmith AI, you can generate blog posts, website copy, and more in just a few minutes.

The AI understands your message and can write in your tone of voice to ensure your content resonates with your audience.

Unlike ContentBot, Copysmith AI also helps you optimize your content for SEO. This means you can easily get your content to rank higher in search engine results.

And because the AI is powered by natural language processing, it provides more accurate results than ContentBot.

So if you want to create great content quickly and easily, Copysmith AI is the perfect tool for you. Try it out today and see how it can help your business!

Key Benefits of Copysmith AI

I have found CopySmith to be an extremely useful product when it comes to creating content, including ads, emails, blog posts, descriptions of products, and more.

Using this tool, you will be able to put an end to writer's block and regain your focus on your writing without having to worry about what to write or how to begin your work.

As a result of the AI writing tool, your content will be plagiarism-free as it will be written word by word by the algorithm.

The tool also allows you to organize your content and save it, edit it, import it, and export it.

A variety of useful copy templates for various use cases are provided by CopySmith in order to make the content generation process as easy as possible.

There are several types of templates available on the platform.

For the purpose of generating persuasive AI-powered copy for online sales, I found CopySmith impressive and a worthy competitor to ContentBot, which generates a variety of persuasive AI-driven copy.

Despite this fact, one of the downsides to using an AI writer like this one is that it does not allow you to write long-form blog posts, which you can do with ContentBot.

Though, we still found it interesting as a ContentBot alternative.

Copysmith Pricing

Copysmith pricing plans

Copysmith comes in 3 different pricing plans which are;

  • $19 per month – 1 user
  • $59 per month – 5 users
  • Custom plan – You need to contact sales in order to get a quote for this.

We recommend the professional plan because it appears to be the best of all.

Why Should you Consider ContentBot Alternative?

Speaking from experience, ContentBot is a great AI writing software because I have personally used it.

In fact, the AI tool enters the market with the intention to expand how bloggers and content creators create content.

And it was actually on the move with its unique features.

The one big drawback it has is that ContentBot is always under development, noticing errors here and there just like this.

ContentBot constantly under development

As a result of this, so many things just remain stagnant about the AI tool which is one of the reasons why I never settled for it.

In addition, ContentBot doesn't have enough tutorials that users can use which is why I personally created how to use ContentBot.

It is actually worth replaceable when we consider all of its drawbacks.

And we consider WriteSonic to be one of the biggest ContentBot alternatives.

Final Words – Which is the Best?

Now, the question is which is the best ContentBot alternative?

As much as I can understand, you now have a series of ContentBot alternatives to pick for your writing business.

You now only need to begin your journey with one or even test out 2 at ago and maybe finally settled for them later.

We found [formally] and WriteSonic have the best ContentBot alternatives. The best part is that you can begin your journey with both AI for FREE.

Jasper and WriteSonic have incredible features that can knock off ContentBot.

Though we use Jasper on a daily basis and the results we are getting have been massive.

Because we can generate all forms of content, both short-form, long-form, and all types of content you can ever imagine, the way you want it and with your exact tone.

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