The GoHighLevel SaaS Mode provides an opportunity for you to clone the entire platform and sell it at your price under your brand name.

The SaaS Mode is majorly designed for two categories of people:

Agencies: Marketing agencies, digital agencies, and similar businesses that want to provide their clients with a comprehensive marketing and business management solution without the visible GoHighLevel branding.

Marketing Professionals: Individuals or teams specializing in marketing services who seek to enhance their offerings by integrating a powerful, white-labeled platform like GoHighLevel into their service portfolio.

  • GoHighLevel SaaS mode lets you clone the entire platform, and sell at your price and under your brand name.
  • The SaaS Mode provides additional features to agencies and clients more than the remaining 2 plans.
  • The standard trial is 14-Day but a 30-Day trial is available on HighLevel SaaS Mode.

GoHighLevel has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating from over 1500 reviews from users because it delivers more than their expectations and you too can test it for free.

In this post, I will show you everything you needed to know on HighLevel SaaS Mode.

What is GoHighLevel SaaS Mode?


“SaaS” stands for “software as a service,” and it refers to accessing software online through a subscription. Platforms like Shopify, Salesforce, Slack, and Hubspot operate on this model, including GoHighLevel.

When you subscribe to a SaaS platform, you pay a monthly or yearly fee for continued access. Now, GoHighLevel offers a specific mode known as “GoHighLevel SaaS Mode” or the “GoHighLevel Pro plan.” This mode caters to agencies and marketing professionals, allowing them to sell the GoHighLevel software under their branding.

In simpler terms, it's like a customized version of GoHighLevel. All GoHighLevel branding is replaced with the agency's branding. Agencies can set their prices and sell it as their software, with customers unaware that it's GoHighLevel. The user experience is seamless, providing access to all GoHighLevel features.

Moreover, the SaaS mode offers extra features not included in GoHighLevel's standard plans, enhancing the value for those adopting this particular mode. It's a way for agencies to offer a personalized, branded solution to their clients while benefiting from the robust features of GoHighLevel.

How to Sign Up for GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

Note: The GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Plan is not available for selection at the point of signing up, you need to upgrade to the plan after you have successfully signed up which I am going to show you how in a bit.

GoHighLevel Pro Plan

This is a breakdown of how to sign up for the GoHighLevel pro plan.

Step 1: Create a Free GoHighLevel Account

To begin, head over to and click on the button that says “Start Your 14-Day Trial“.

You need to supply basic information about you and your business at the next page.

gohighlevel sign up 1
GoHighLevel Pro Plan

You need:

  • Company name
  • Your full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number

Provide that and click “Go To Step #2“. On the next page, you need to provide your credit card information, you will not be debited anything at this time until the end of your free trial.

gohighlevel sign up 2
GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

At this stage, select the unlimited plan and you will begin to upgrade within your dashboard.

Step 2: Upgrade Your Account

At the end of the free trial or before the end, you can upgrade your account from the settings then billing section of your account.

If you are on the yearly plan, then you will be entitled to a discount.

GoHighLevel Annual Subscription Upgrade
GoHighLevel for Marketing Agencies

You get a 17% discount instead of the normal price.

You can take a look at the table below for a better understanding of the pricing plans.

Subscription Plan Amount 
Monthly $497
Annually $4,970
GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Pricing Breakdown

By going for the annual plan you will save $994.

Who Is GoHighLevel SaaS Mode for?

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode is tailored for agencies and marketing professionals who want to offer their clients the GoHighLevel software as a white-labeled solution.

This mode is ideal for businesses that wish to sell the GoHighLevel platform under their branding, creating a seamless and customized experience for their clients.

Simply put, GoHighLevel SaaS Mode is designed for:

  • Agencies: Marketing agencies, digital agencies, and similar businesses that want to provide their clients with a comprehensive marketing and business management solution without the visible GoHighLevel branding.
  • Marketing Professionals: Individuals or teams specializing in marketing services who seek to enhance their offerings by integrating a powerful, white-labeled platform like GoHighLevel into their service portfolio.

By adopting GoHighLevel SaaS Mode, you can sell the platform under your name, set your pricing, and present a fully branded and personalized solution to your clients. It allows for greater flexibility, customization, and the opportunity to establish a unique identity in the market.

How Much Does GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Cost?

After the free trial period, GoHighLevel SaaS Mode is available with the following pricing options:

  • Monthly Subscription: $497/month
  • Annual Subscription: $4,970/year

Paying annually provides a cost-saving benefit equivalent to two months' worth of subscription fees, resulting in an overall savings of $994. This annual option allows users to enjoy the benefits of GoHighLevel SaaS Mode while optimizing their budget with a discount.

What Are the Benefits of GoHighLevel SaaS Mode?

Here are the key benefits of GoHighLevel SaaS Mode:

  • White-Labeled Solution: GoHighLevel SaaS Mode offers a white-labeled version of the entire platform. Agencies and marketing professionals can replace GoHighLevel branding with their own, providing a fully customized experience for clients.
  • Brand Control and Recognition: Agencies have complete control over their branding, allowing them to present the platform as their own. This enhances brand recognition and client trust, creating a seamless extension of the agency's services.
  • Custom Pricing and Profitability: With SaaS Mode, agencies can set their subscription prices. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor pricing structures based on their unique offerings, maximizing profitability.
  • Client Transparency: Customers purchasing GoHighLevel through an agency won't be aware of the platform's identity. The interface looks and feels like the agency's own software, providing a transparent client experience while leveraging the powerful features of GoHighLevel.
  • Enhanced Features Exclusive to SaaS Mode: GoHighLevel SaaS Mode includes additional features unavailable in standard plans. This provides an extra layer of value for agencies and marketing professionals, enhancing the services they can offer to clients.
  • Cost Savings with Annual Subscription: Opting for the annual subscription provides a significant cost-saving advantage. You will save the equivalent of two months' subscription fees, making it a financially efficient choice for long-term users.
  • Seamless Integration into Service Offerings: SaaS Mode seamlessly integrates into agencies' service portfolios. Whether it's marketing, client management, or other business processes, GoHighLevel becomes a powerful tool tailored to the agency's brand and services.
  • Comprehensive Marketing and Business Management: GoHighLevel, in SaaS Mode, provides a comprehensive suite of tools for marketing, lead generation, communication, and business management. It's an all-in-one solution that empowers agencies to streamline their operations and deliver exceptional value to clients.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Features for Clients

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Features for Clients

Here are the key features of the GoHighLevel Pro Plan for clients:

  • Review Requests

GoHighLevel enables businesses to automatically send review requests to customers through SMS or email. This feature streamlines the process of collecting and managing customer reviews.

  • Missed-Call Text Back

For leads that call a business but don't receive an immediate response, GoHighLevel automatically sends a text. This text details when they can expect a callback or invites them to schedule a booking, preventing missed opportunities.

  • Web Chat Widget

Businesses can install a chat widget on their websites, providing an additional channel for communication and lead generation. Conversations initiated through the widget can seamlessly transition to SMS for continued interaction.

  • Way Text Messaging

Online chat conversations are seamlessly moved onto SMS. This ensures the conversation can continue even when the lead or customer is not actively online, maintaining a consistent and responsive communication channel.

  • Google My Business Chat

Customers can reach out to a business directly through Google My Business. GoHighLevel allows businesses to view and respond to conversation threads within the platform, ensuring efficient management of customer inquiries.

  • Facebook Messenger Chat

GoHighLevel facilitates communication with customers through Facebook Messenger. Similar to Google My Business Chat, businesses can manage and respond to conversations directly within the platform.

These features collectively contribute to effective reputation management, streamlined communication, and enhanced customer engagement. GoHighLevel's capabilities empower businesses to maintain a positive online presence and provide seamless interactions across various communication channels.

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Features for Agencies

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode Features for Agencies

Here are the key features of the GoHighLevel SaaS Mode for Agencies:

  • SaaS Dashboard

A specialized dashboard provides agencies with a snapshot of their health, displaying revenue statistics and the number of customers. This comprehensive view ensures agencies can monitor and assess their overall performance.

  • SaaS Snapshots

Efficient Account Replication: Agencies can export an existing SaaS account into a new one, reducing setup and configuration times. This feature streamlines the process of replicating account structures for improved efficiency.

  • Auto User and Permission Generation

Configurations for new users are automatically generated, streamlining the onboarding process and ensuring that new users have the necessary permissions from the start.

  • Auto Sub-Account Generation

Sub-accounts are automatically generated, eliminating the need for manual creation. This automation simplifies account management for agencies, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Automatic Twilio Re-Billing

GoHighLevel automates the process of charging clients for used Twilio credits and initiates auto-recharge when credits are low. This ensures seamless communication services without disruptions.

  • Dunning (Non-Payment Lockout)

Clients who cease paying their subscription fees are automatically locked out of their accounts. This feature ensures compliance with payment terms and prevents unauthorized access.

  • Customizable Pricing Plans and Billing

Agencies can create and offer customizable pricing plans with different tiers. This includes options for monthly and/or yearly billing, providing flexibility to accommodate varied client needs.

  • Customizable Free Trials and Purchase Incentives

Agencies can provide customers with customizable free trials and purchase incentives, such as discounts. This feature encourages customer acquisition and engagement.

  • SaaS Analytics

Full analytics and statistics are available for all SaaS clients. This feature empowers agencies with valuable insights into the performance of their SaaS offerings.

  • Resell WordPress and Yext With SaaS

Expanded Revenue Opportunities: GoHighLevel SaaS allows agencies to increase revenue further by offering additional services, such as WordPress and/or Yext, alongside the core SaaS offerings.

These features collectively contribute to efficient agency management, streamlined client interactions, and enhanced revenue generation through the GoHighLevel SaaS platform.

GoHighLevel Pro Plan: FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on GoHighLevel SaaS Mode

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How Do I Charge Clients for GoHighLevel SaaS?

GoHighLevel SaaS Mode: Final Words

In the journey towards agency excellence, GoHighLevel SaaS Mode stands as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. From a specialized dashboard providing a holistic view of agency health to automated user setups, sub-account management, and the ability to resell additional services, GoHighLevel SaaS Mode equips agencies with the tools for success.

Pricing transparency, with a monthly subscription at $497 and an annual option at $4,970, underscores the financial prudence of adopting GoHighLevel SaaS Mode. It's not just an investment in a platform; it's an investment in brand elevation, client satisfaction, and amplified business success.

As agencies embrace the future of customization, client transparency, and efficiency, GoHighLevel SaaS Mode emerges as the strategic ally they need. It's time to step into a new era of agency empowerment—customize, brand, and thrive with GoHighLevel SaaS Mode.

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